2009-12 Nissan 370Z LED Daytime Running Lights

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09-12 Nissan 370Z LED Daytime Running Lights - High quality ultra compact LED chips. Pre-assembled Polished acrylic blade projects clean light beam to the edge, low profile fitment for a perfect fit under the factory headlight assembly. Simple installation and specific to the Nissan 370Z, price includes shipping to any address in the continental USA.

Installation Instructions:

  • Professional Installation Recommended
  • Disconnect the negative terminal on the battery
  • Remove the front bumper (refer to service manual for removal instructions)
  • Clean off any finger prints or oil from surface prior to installation
  • Install the DRL in a position that will not interfere with the bumper fitment
  • This kit can be wired to the Ignition Switch or Light Switch (make sure all connections are properly soldiered).
  • Reconnect the negative terminal and check to see that the DRL is working properly
  • Reinstall the bumper, careful not to scratch the surface of the bumper or DRL. Use of painters tape to protect the surface is recommended.